The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club!


Watching TV makes you stupid.
Lady MacBeth.
Having this chat on Monday unfairly discriminates against those out there who don't have cable and/or a tv, but who nevertheless make use of the wondrous back alleys of the interwebs so that TWD magically appears ready for watching on Monday night.

Not that I know anyone who does that.
Thanks to Mr. Humphrey, I know that I am not alone.
I would like this show a lot more if the stupid people died a lot more often.
the photography in this show is so gorgeous. the night scenes were beautiful. still kind of boring episode though. i have yet to see a single character do truly the truly crazy carnal things that are basically what defines the comic books.
I like this show, but it was absolutely absurd that they didn't kill that guy and/or just leave him for walkers to eat.
this show is constantly ruined by huggy feely moments and talking about "feelings" . good god go on a zombie killing rampage , get some tanks or armored cars not these econo cars . omg if i'm going thru a gauntlet of brain hungry zombies i'm not taking a prius ! for fucks sakes , man up and kill these fuckers ! o the the smultzy care bear shit is killing what could have been a great show . who's writing this ? a buncha girls ? clearly no hetro male influence any where in this show . if i wrote this series it would be savage as fuck , o well instead we are stuck with the glee of zombie shows .
Dale is the only character that I can stand anymore. Everyone else is unwatchable and impossible to identify with, and has repeatedly shown--either by the poor portrayal by the actor or by the character's ridiculously stupid remarks or actions--to be worthy of nothing more than zombie-chow.

The only reason I still watch is because of the potential I know the story has, from reading the comic books.
I agree with #8. There is an endless supply of free vehicles. I would have the most jacked up hillbilly 4X4 I could find. Massive tires and welded tubing. Zombie head baseball. Living out GTA with a mad supply of alcohol and pharma.
Still rooting for Team Zombie.
Where did all the zombies in the town come from if they weren't around when both cars drove through town and parked in front of the bar (and how did Dr. Vet get to the bar)?
But once the guns go off the second time a few dozen zombies are within stumbling distance.
Too many zombies to kill. Because none of our heroes bring enough extra ammo.
@8: "this show is constantly ruined by huggy feely moments and talking about "feelings" ."

If I wanted to watch a bunch of backbiting and get-nowhere drama I'd finish watching Downtown Abbey. Which, I probably will do before I get through WD season 2.
I consoled myself with the fact the writers went against conventional TV in that at LEAST Glenn (the Asian guy) get's laid. Now, however, the show has predictably descended into the same stupid tropes as every other lame horror movie.

FFS the show uses the most insufferable trope and plot device in history with the 'ol "Gosh, Such-and-such has been gone for a while? I'd better go out in the zombie infested woods/basement/town alone—AND not tell any body."


Will nobody have any sort of discussion about the obvious facts and stratgies? Like: All we have to do is hold out someplace and wait about six months for 90% OF ALL ZOMBIES TO ROT INTO NOTHING!

These people are idiots. The show doesn't scare me. It embarrasses me.

stupid people watch tv shows they think are stupid
The whole "Lori runs off after Rick 10 minutes after he leaves, alone, with no discernable plan, without telling anyone, and then after having a zombie almost eat her face STILL has to be lied to like a child to get her to get the fuck back to the farm like a sane person" plot device has, I'm afraid, made this show officially too stupid for me to watch anymore. It's a shame because I came very close to enjoying it once or twice.

And although Lori is definitely now the dumbest of all these insanely dumb characters, Rick is the most painful for me to watch after having seen the same actor play a not-exactly-smart but occasionally clever and certainly likeable character in the BBC show "Teachers."
I think this tumblr sums up my feelings on Lori: