Amazing what they can do with animatronics.
Did you hear the voice of that weak woman! "STOP THERE ARE KIDS HERE!" What DLand needs is a strong Lebesian Crew to beat a guy like that. A weak yet verbally bossy woman screaming for others to do things is the root of the world's problems.
What I love about random internet ads: The Disneyland ad I’m looking at right now on this screen as I type this and the “Reverse Roe v Wade” ad on the Slog page.

They’re both so beautifully perfect.
Lebesian? Is than anything like Lebanese?
I am caught up in the stroller parked next to the fight. Obviously there wasn’t a child in it at that moment but I’m distracted, wondering how much pepper spray residue got into the fabric of the stroller and would the parents know about the pepper spray. What happened to the poor baby who had been placed back in that stroller once the man was taken away?
Gotta live America's lower classes. Now why exactly should we share our wealth with them?
I find it interesting that they even refer to their security personnel as "cast members."

*I'm not a real security officer, I just play one at Disneyland. But, um, stick-em-up.*
I don't know...if that fat jackass in the dumb white hat kept spraying me over and over, even when I'm just standing there leaning against the fence and trying to get my shit together, I'd take a swing at him too.
Good think that harpie was there to contribute all her shrill yelling. That certainly helped the situation a lot.
Gee... I thought Disney was the happiest place on earth...
That screaming harridan would drive anyone to violence.
Disney actually has impressive security. Opinion of it shouldn't be based on this incident. I've personally seen them shut down a gang fight with overwhelming force in just a few minutes.
@8, I'm guessing that that guy in the white hat and striped pants is security. Disney security doesn't cuff people or carry handcuffs. If someone does need to be cuffed and actually arrested then they call on county sheriff deputies who help patrol the parks (for off duty hours pay I bet).

I know what costumes Disney World Security wears but I don't know what Disneyland Security wears.
Yeah, that shrill voiced woman should really be the object of public ridicule here. I mean, is it really so difficult to intuit that this guy just might be mentally unstable and that repeatedly screaming at him to stop just might actually wind up having the opposite effect? I couldn't make it through the entire video, but if someone could just let me know that she also wound up getting pepper sprayed and beaten toward the end, I'd be right appreciative.
#14 we beat her up verbally here in SLOG. Example. "STOP BITCHING YOU BITCH AND TAKE A SWING AT THAT ASS. DO SOMETHING."

I bet this was super interesting if you can take that nonsense for more than a minute...
I love the fact that when security does arrive, the first thing they do is try to block the camera. That Shrew and the Seven Oafs will soon realize that this was the most interesting part of their vacation. Who really wants to hear anything about another person's kids?
14: You're 100% correct, but, sorry,she came out ok.
I figured she must be his wife. I might snap like that if she was my wife.
i have said it before , and i'll say it here again . california is full of total douche bags . sell it back to mexico , it's fail anyway .
That went on waaaaaaaay too long. What the hell, the park attendees were dealing with this? Although I didn't appreciate all the laughing (I didn't see much funny about it), I do appreciate that those young men stepped in and showed some restraint in their immobilization of the man.

For future reference: A person out of control needs to be removed from other people and kicked off the grounds, and the best way to accomplish this is NOT with pepper spray, but rather, a good hammerlock or one of a few different standing wrist lock variations, and then the guy would walk out with you, and if he mouths off, a little tighter, and....he's nice again! Walk him to the exit, and goodbye, close door, call police, alert parking lot attendant and surveillance crew to monitor the man and report any issues to assure he doesn't drive a vehicle or harass/ endanger himself or anyone else through any means whatsoever.

God, all the training is just like instinct now, I finally understand why we had to do it over and over and over again. I hated it for years and years and thought it sucked, but I've never forgotten it except when two dogs were fighting each other when I was glamping: I had no idea what to do and the smallest least imposing guy there ran right in between the dogs' mouths and pried them apart, meanwhile I look on horrified and form a new PTSD to add to the list. lol. Actually, it was terrifying, dogs sound scary sometimes.
@4....I think they meant Libertarians.
Something about the bystanders guffawing at the guy's pain makes me sick to my stomach. I don't care if he was drunk or disorderly, the ghoulish pleasure they were getting out of him is awful
The guy with a camera is a callow little shit, isn't he? A lot of people must have called him out on his douchery, since he disabled comments.
*the camera
Oh! I don't know how to react with the news. Well, I guess it happens anywhere though. Disney World stroller rentals