Just the Local-est of Tips


i got some root growth hormone, totally gonna take some cuttings of a big honey suckle plant in my neighborhood.
my sarcacocca (sweet box) has been blooming since late january. the hellebores are all out, the snowdrops are up, & the daphnes are just about ready to go. spring starts early here - lord knows we need the flowers in this gloom.
Spring is only a few weeks away gang!!! And I'm LOVING the extra daylight at night!!!!
@2, I was just about to post about our sarcacocca. It's right by the front door, so you get a blast of sweet fragrance everytime you walk the walk.
There is something outside Group Health right on the corner of 15th & Thomas that smells exactly like hyacinths. I don't know what it is; I certainly haven't seen any hyacinths there.