Bleeding Cool broke the news yesterday: Apparently, Archie Comics #635...

...will tell the story of the global protest against massively unequal redistrubution of wealth and power, under the title Occupy Riverdale, echoing the Occupy movements present around the world...And just as Betty and Veronica are devided over Archie, so here they are divided by being on the 99% or the 1%.

The story is apparently being told in Archie Comics' new realistic art style. As you can see from the cover, Betty Veronica* and Reggie are on the side of the 1% with Jughead and Betty on the Occupy side and Archie torn between the two. I think this may be the first major comics company response to Occupy Wall Street; frankly, I can't wait to see how Batman deals with all this.

* Sorry for the double-Bettying. I just hate Veronica so, so much.