About 20 or so Occupy Seattle protesters just finished mic-checking the scheduled City Council full meeting going. They started at 2:05, at the start of the public comment period, by calling for Seattle Police Chief John Diaz's immediate firing with their ceaseless echo-speak (which I will not recreate for the sake of everyone's sanity):

"... With [the police department's] disproportionate targeting of the most disenfranchised people of society, we are here to announce that John Diaz does not have the mandate of the people, he will no longer be chief of the Seattle police department, and we demand immediate prosecution of all officers who have found to be [guilty of police brutality]… including officer Ian Birk..."

Another mic-check rambled along with lines like, "Our entire legal system disproportionately targets communities of color!...The Seattle Police department enforces the rules of the one percent!... [and finally] HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN T. WILLIAMS!"

The 10-minute interruption is seemingly unrelated to everything on today's short, rather bland agenda. There was a tense moment when council president Sally Clark politely asked the group to quiet down or leave, prompting a hive-echo response of, "This is our city hall! We'll mic-check you, if you try to speak!"

Then a minute ago, an apparent leader of the Occupy group suggested that they head across the street to police department HQ and demand that John Diaz fire himself, so the majority of protesters headed off in that direction.

UPDATE: At least one Occupier is still trying to get in a few questions as the council forges ahead with its agenda. Council member Tim Burgess is chanting into his microphone, "Keep going, keep going," to keep Clark—who is unflappably polite—from responding. And now the meeting's over. So that's that.