Live-Slogging Ron Paul's Early-Bedtime Speech


I never understood how a 60s era dixiecrat is rEVOLutionary, nor why such a revolution is superior to reform of the existing system. If revolution is self-justifying, I'm sure his cult would have no issues with a communist takeover of the United States...
And as for the Paul Revolution(TM) being non-partisan, there is this to consider: America Elects, the online third-way effort to get a non/multipartisan ticket on the Presidential ballot in all 50 states, is currently holding it's nominating proocess, and Mr. Paul is in the lead and has nearly twice as much supporters as second in the race, Jon Huntsman. Go see for yourselves:
@2: What's your point? Americans Elect is a very expensive joke.

Those 3269 internet voters sure will make a dent in the general election!