Mitt's a Catcher: He catches two more states.

Twisters: Four dead after tornadoes touch down across Midwest:

Jennifer Verhaalen, a long-term resident at the Hillbilly Inn Motel in downtown Branson, said she saw a white funnel cloud followed by a wall of rain as the storm closed in on the town around 1 a.m.

Susan Enfield: The former yes-woman to the last failed Seattle Public Schools administration has left for a job as chief of the Highline school district. Many have suggested she left the interim post as superintendent in Seattle because progressive reformers have regained control of the school board, wresting it away from the money-leaking, minority-neighborhood-school closing, union-agitating incumbents with whom Enfield was politically aligned.

Does Wearing a Plunging Neckline... make you look like a slut? (What if you're a dude?)

Bacon: Democratic state representative Eric Pettigrew, who ultimately failed to advance the GOP's agenda to install charter schools in Washington, has slipped in a budget proposal for $3 million for Seattle schools.

Wall Street Bonuses: Down 14 percent, while big bank profits are down by half.

Don't Grunt Out There: Martina Navratilova will strut on Dancing with the Stars.

Catholics: Asking India's supreme court to re-criminalize gay sex, making it punishable by life imprisonment.

And finally, ladies and gentlemen, Slog presents you with footage of last night's big loser holding last night's big winner—Santorum's Shale: