"Let's defend marriage against heartbreakers."


I haz a sad...the video isn't working for me. I guess that means I need to spend extra time at work surfing The Onion website. I'm okay with that.
Oh, shit, these are some golden days for the Onion. That is just beautiful work in every way.
All I see is an empty black box.
@1, 3, maybe your systems will work at the Onion's own page for it?
My Traditional Marriage quote for the day, from Pomeranz and Topik's The World That Trade Created:
European marriage generally linked two "houses" in which males controlled the capital and managed the business by exchanging a woman [...] as if she was a trade item herself
@5 Why can't we get back to the good old days when men were men and women were negotiable property?
1, 3: Didn't work for me on IE, but did on Firefox.
I suspect that a heartbreak like this is what did in Breitbart.
Lots of straight readers of The Stranger spend ridiculous amounts of time thinking about same-sex marriage because douchebags like Santorum make our heads explode.

I live in Canada where same-sex marriage is legal and I obsess over wacko Republican hang-ups.
@4: Bless you. That was awesome.
The Onion somehow dropped off my radar, but that Romneymania piece had me in stitches. That's it: The Onion Is back in the rotation.
Give The Onion credit for the subtle genius, as well: "Nicholas Wiseman (1802–1865) was a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church who became the first Archbishop of Westminster upon the re-establishment of the Catholic hierarchy in England and Wales in 1850." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicholas_Wi…