This weekend, the Portland dance company tEEth is at On the Boards. In the past, tEEth has used lavish design (one set looked like plaster walls that had been crumpled, soaked in ink, and molded into shapes by a giant; in another piece, a woman danced on a small wooden platform while a man hacked it to pieces with an ax) but they wrote over email this week that their more recent pieces are "more stripped-down than previous works and more focused on pure movement and sound."

Here's a trailer for the previous piece, Home Made (some mild nudity, if that's a problem for your coworkers):

And here's a harsher, rawer trailer for their new piece, Make/Believe:

If tEEth could go back in time and talk to themselves when they started working in 2006, what would they say?

"Give yourself more time to rejuvenate between projects, don't go into debt, learn how to let go, spend more time exploring one idea, be O.K. with being simple, don't hide—be confident in your vision."