The creepiness commenced when Barry Hinckley, a Republican Senate candidate from Rhode Island, released a campaign ad featuring his five-year-old son explaining what's wrong with the economy and why people should vote for his dad.

This was creepy enough even FOX News was driven to question Hinckley on his motives, which brings us to the interview below, conducted and broadcast yesterday. As Mediaite's John Bershad writes,

"Look, I don’t even need to talk about the uncomfortable, Balloon Boy-esque moment where Cavuto asks Hudson if he actually cares about the economy, the boy replies “no,” and Hinckley looks furious. That’s weird enough. But the only thing I can see during this segment is the fact that, every time Hudson talks, Hinckley MOUTHS EVERY WORD HE IS SAYING SIMULTANEOUSLY."

It is really, really weird. Enjoy!