George Will Is a Man on Fire


Where has Will been for the last decade? Limbaugh has been spewing his garbage and controlling the Republicans for a long time. But now, when he's finally gone too far, Will wants him reigned in?
It is very, very scary when George Will is starting to sound rational in comparison to the rest of the Republican apparatus.
You cannot be serious...George Will is as much a rightwing ideological troglodyte as he ever was. "Man on Fire"? A little over the top I think. Yes, he recognizes the edge of the cliff and wants to live to fight another day, so he won't follow the rest of the Right Wing Noise Machine over the edge, but he's still a toad. Moreover, though he acknowledges that Obama is the likely winner, Will merely calls for greater and greater obstructionism. He's just praying the GOP doesn't manage to lose the house while failing to take the WH or Senate.
I have to agree, this is smoke and not fire. He doesn't call out the presumptive candidate for his lame response. He does call out the 'hawks' though.

Obama definitely does not have it in the bag. Bill Mahr on Friday noted polls showing that he's losing in all of the swing states, and his supposed $1 billion is just a fundraising gimmick by the RNC. Also, it's not coincidence that the Koch Bros control a lot of the nation's refining capacity, which is being strangled off to push gas over $4/gallon.
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All I noticed was Will's snarkiness: "the liberals unfailingly fail to police the excesses in their own side." Oh, bullshit. You will search high and low in the conservative media for self-doubt. Meanwhile, liberals fall all over each other over whether they've been offensive. Fuck you, George Will.
Give me a break. George Will will be cheerleading for Romney in about two months, throwing all sorts of phony accusations of socialism at Obama (and "the liberals"). He's a paler shade of Limbaugh scum, but still scum. And I'll use whatever fucking fork I want to for my entree.
let me know when he disavows that smelly old racist myopic science-and-equality-and-freedom-hating corpse of a party and endorses ANYONE with a spine, a brain and a conscience for president. Then I'll start to give a shit about George Will.