Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee, in addition to decrying the senate Republican budget coup, is using the occasion to smartly put his Republican opponent, Rob McKenna, in a box:

The budget proposal put forth by Senate Republicans—an 11th hour proposal put to a vote without any public input—defies common sense. If Republicans want to put us in a race against the likes of Louisiana and Wisconsin, this budget is the way to do it. We cannot afford the $74 million they want to cut from schools and colleges and the damage it would do to our ability to grow our economy. The Senate Republicans are taking us backwards at a time we must focus on the future and restoring our commitment to our children’s education. I urge legislators to remain steadfast against further cuts to education. And I hope my opponent, Rob McKenna, who has claimed he wants to increase education funding, will join me in urging legislators to re-prioritize funding for our schools.

Like I said earlier, the details of this budget are not going to be kind to those who are associated with trying to ram it through.