I'm excited for the Hunger Games movie. I really liked the book, and I think it should translate pretty well to film, if they do it right. But my eyes are still hurting from the brutal rolling they suffered when they read this story from Galleycat:

In a Facebook note to fans, [Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins] wrote: “I feel like the book and the film are individual yet complementary pieces that enhance one another.” She praised the cast in her note, exclaiming “And, my God, the actors.” She singled out lead actor Jennifer Lawrence for being “absolutely wonderful across the board.”

In the last 24 hours, her note has generated an AP news story, over 9,000 likes on Facebook and nearly 750 comments.

Seriously? How much money does Collins stand to make from this movie? The only way this would have been news was if Collins came out and told people not to watch the movie; I'm disappointed in the book news industry that this is a headline anywhere.