It's Super Tuesday! Here's your crystal ball detailing the various ways Romney could lock up the 10 states voting today. The bigger question is, will Mitt "rich in spirit" Romney be able to woo working class voters away from Obama in November?

Hollywood Embraces a New Kind of Hero: The pan-ethnic hero!

Every Woman's Nightmare: A convicted rapist was arrested on Monday in the U-District after allegedly attacking six female UW students in their home.

Every Woman's Nightmare, Pt 2: A convicted stalker operating in Seattle faces new charges after allegedly approaching women downtown, asking them for directions, and then stalking them for weeks.

Violin Strings: Now made from spider silk.

Pole-Dancing Robots: This is the depravity that science wreaks.

Tribe Sues Beer Company: The Oglala Sioux tribe has filed a federal lawsuit against a small town and American brewing companies for encouraging the illegal purchase and consumption of beer on their reservation. The fascinating article begins:

Four rickety metal shacks that line the main road in this town of maybe 10 people sell an average of 13,000 cans of beer and malt liquor a day. The nearest sizable city is two hours north. But just 240 yards north — across the state line in South Dakota — is the sprawling Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where alcohol has been banned since the 1970s.

"We're Talking": Brave words from State Senator Ed Murray on negotiating with state Republicans on a budget after Republicans gleefully fucked them in the face last Friday by hijacking the Senate floor and blindly passing their own plan (with support from three "Democrats"). Legislators have until Thursday to reconcile the House and Senate budget plans or face a special session.

Sweating Bulleits: Local distillers are left in limbo after a judge calls for a trial to determine whether or not last year's liquor privatization initiative, I-1183, violates state rules.

Happy Birthday! Awesome children's classic A Wrinkle in Time turns 50.

And finally, Ask a Mortician on "crock-potting" the bone shards left after cremation and the semantics of dying from "natural causes."