Good Riddance To...


Could this be the signal, no matter how far off, of some semblance of rationality reappearing in the Republican party?
Indeed. As a native of Ohio's 2nd I can tell you that Schmidt was loved by neither Republican nor Democrats. In fact, she provided for some of the narrowest Republican victories our district has ever seen. Of course, now that she's been replaced by Brad Wenstrup, the district will be safely Republican once again: just another vote against any idea from President Obama and against women being in control of their bodies from a right-wing gun nut. In that regard, the defeat of Jean Schmidt is bittersweet.
Is this the freak that beat that really hot ex-marine / lawyer a few years back? I can't remember his name but he was one hot tall lanky daddy!!!
@mkyorai ... It doesn't sound like a signal of rationality ... Schmidt was apparently out-flanked by an even more extreme Right Wing Nut ...
ahh, cincinnati, how you suck.
One skunk down and the rest shall folow.
Yeah, she was a bit of rubbish, but I'm not sure that the devil they've replaced her with is any better.

March of the Moderates
@2,well put.
Uh, yeah, not so much. She was beaten from the RIGHT. THE RIGHT. Making the person how beat her even crazier than she is. Sigh.
Not only did he attack from the right---and so will probably stay there, regardless of what he really believes---but odds are that he'll be more effective than she's been.
Hey, Max@5: I keep having to remind you that the city of Cincinnati is a firm member of the blue urban archipelago, the west side notwithstanding. The electorate voted in a solid 7 of 9 seat majority Dems on city council last November. Blame lies with suburban/exurban voters and--especially--the Rethugs dominating the Statehouse, who perpetrated the ugliest gerrymandering possible to ensure Districts 1 & 2 stay in their evil clutches.
@12 is absolutely right. The old district was reliably republican, but the blatantly partisan redistricting carried out by republicans at the state level ensures a republican in this seat until (hopefully someday soon) the Democrats get to do a little gerrymandering of their own.

And I'm with the others above - in this case the devil we know may be better than the devil we don't, because there is zero doubt this guy is going to be taking a seat in DC this fall.
I give this a firm "What everyone else said."

It's satisfying when a lightning rod nutcase goes down, but when their replacements share their positions without the nuttiness, it just means the replacement will be more effective in pursuing the same goals.
But on the other hand....Kucinich lost his seat, a progressive, but sorry to see his voice go. Damn re-districting. Population decease. I know the people leaving aren't moving to Florida or Texas. Blue states, most likely.