Moving this up because the reading party starts in an hour and a half!

What's that? You haven't yet read Gary Shteyngart's very lovely description of the silent-reading party in the current issue of Travel + Leisure? Get on it!

And if you've never been, maybe tonight's your night?

The special guests tonight are Tara Atkinson and Willie Fitzgerald, curators of the upcoming APRIL festival. (It stands for Authors, Publishers, and Readers of Independent Literature. Slightly confusingly, it happens the last week of March. Conflict-of-interest time: One of the people reading at it is yours truly. Other readers include Rebecca Brown [!], Matthew Simmons, Summer Robinson, Ryan Call, Chelsea Martin, and Jackie Hell [!!]. Full schedule here.) Special guests at the silent-reading party don't do a damned thing, of course, except sit there and read to themselves like everyone else.

The musician tonight is cellist Sam Anderson of the band Hey Marseilles. If it's been a while since you sat around reading while someone in the corner played the cello, well, you're in luck. He's really good! And the drink special is a $5 Manhattan. And the whole thing is free. And it happens in the Fireside Room at the Sorrento. It starts at 6 pm, but it's wise to get there early to get a great seat.

Now do you want to see some drawings from Aaron Bagley's sketchbook of people reading and drinking at the silent-reading party in December? Okay!

  • Aaron Bagley

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  • Aaron Bagley

  • Aaron Bagley