Saturday caucuses: Santorum wins Kansas, Romney gets Wyoming, etc. Santorum's wife compares him to David facing many Goliaths.

One million women: That's who the Obama campaign sent mailings to Saturday, hoping to use the debate over the new health care law to amplify support among women.

Sarah Palin: Furious with Obama for accepting Bill Maher's donation. Calls it "dirty money."

Jay Inslee: Stepping down from Congress to focus full-time on the gubernatorial races.

One year: Since Japan's tsunami disaster.

George Vernon Hudson: The guy who invented daylight saving time. (Remember to set your clocks ahead one hour!)

Mike Meehan: The former Seattle police captain and current Berkeley police chief finds himself in hot water after sending one of his police officers to a reporter's house in the middle of the night to ask for changes to a story. Meehan apologized Saturday.

Dick's: Named the most life-changing burger joint by Esquire readers. I second that.

And now, meet the Jetman.