The Daily Dot says that YouTube is tackling the (apparently, somehow serious) problem of "reply girls," in which women in revealing clothes talk about popular topics in the hopes of blog hits that turn into ad money:

Announced in an official YouTube blog post and on the site’s help forums, the new algorithm now bases related videos—shown as suggestions when a user finishes watching a video—on “which videos contribute to a longer overall viewing session rather than how many clicks an individual video receives.”

The new algorithm is meant to reflect “viewer engagement,” which Google calculates by how long people stay on the site.

In theory, the new related-videos algorithm will hinder reply girl videos from reaching the top of related videos, because most viewers of reply-girl videos leave within seconds of realizing that there’s not much substance there.

I don't understand how reply girls make money, when there is the world's largest collection of absolutely free porn floating around in the same cyberspace. Why do viewers click on the reply girls in the first place? Since they click away when they see that the reply girls are just talking, what is it that they hope to see when they start the videos?