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Jackass in the video deserved it, poor frog
Another Teabagger arrested. This time in San Diego for sexual assault. Teabaggers=pervs.
Yep. And a whole shit-ton of Occutards arrested in New York too.
McCain's ability to judge candidate qualifications is without peer.


Yeah, how did his pick for VP turn out again?
Another caucus meltdown for the GOP, this time in the important swing state of MO.

Police had to shut down the biggest caucus site of the day, police helicopters were called out and two Ron Paul supporters were arrested.…

It's never a good idea to piss off your supporters and potential volunteers, especially in such an important state.

Could Obama win the Show Me State this year?…
The Washington Post:

In many societies in the Middle East, the loss of a girl’s virginity outside of marriage—even in cases of rape— can be seen as a stain of honor on the family and the girl. The family’s honor can often be restored if she marries her rapist.

Filali’s father said in an interview with online Moroccan newspaper that the court officials themselves had suggested the marriage option after Amina’s family reported the rape. Amina is believed to have been first accosted on the street and raped when she was 15.


Then he started beating once they were married. She went to her mother for help, who suggested that she be patient. "Just try to make it work," I imagine Mom saying.

Amina killed herself by swallowing rat poison. Again, she was sixteen. What were you doing when you were sixteen?
The forced to marry rapist thing is a really terrible system. It seems like it would encourage men to rape the girls the want to marry.
Sometimes they got honor killings too.... That is when the father, brother or uncle kill the bad guys..

Did you get the impression that Sloggers think that case was an outlier?

What's egregious about this specific case is that Morocco is supposed to be more modern than most of the rest of the Arab world.