An Incentive to Join a Gym, Ladies


Jesus ladies, get a room!
Female sexuality is one of the last frontiers.
I recall reading that paraplegic women can sometimes orgasm via the vegus nerve, which runs down the front / over the core.
zOMG! You mean moving the muscles touching and or adjacent to the female sex organs will sometimes produce pleasure or orgasm? (or that some women's 'sub'conscious are associating the exertion of exercise with that of teh sex?)

Well color me shocked this is totally unexpected and very seriously scientific information!! Truly a groundbreaking discovery.
Ha! And my boyfriend thought I was crazy when I told him I come from yoga.

Glad to know I'm not a complete mutant.
"It took only five weeks to recruit the 370 women who experienced the phenomenon."

Must have been some weird-ass locker room talk.
This is news? It has to do with a woman's ability to have vaginal orgasms. And her omega-3 fatty acid levels.

No one listens to me. Call teh whaaambulance.

What would be interesting is to see how the frequency varies between all-women and coed gyms, in other words, if male pheromones wafting around have an effect.
Good thing Men don't get them - that would be embarrassing
Of those who experience coregasms:

"69 percent identified themselves as heterosexual"

I thought that was an unusual statistic.
If only some of the women in the Phyllis Schlafly brigades were aware of what powers were theirs to wield, they might not be salivating for Santorum.
@8: Exactly what I thought. I'd hate to have to change clothes every time I wanted to do some crunches.

@9: What, because the number 69 came up, or because the prevalence of heterosexuality in the overall female population is closer to 90%?
Could be that lesbian women are more likely to lift, or there could be some actual correlation between sexual orientation and tendency to orgasm from abdominal workouts. Or maybe lesbian women are just more likely to recognize or report such tendencies.
Damn. All I've ever gotten from abdominal exercises are exhausted and sore.

(And coregasms aside, anyone who says exercise produces endorphins that make you feel fantastic is a big fucking liar.)
Yeah, nothing says incentive like "masturbating in public".

"anyone who says exercise produces endorphins that make you feel fantastic is a big fucking liar"

we're kindred spirits!!
If I could have coregasms, I'd never leave the gym.
Orgasms while lifting weights or climbing poles? Sounds a bit... hazardous.
@12: Eh, there's a certain pleasure in being sore, fatigued, and generally worn-out. But hey, maybe that's just my slight masochistic tendencies talking.
I find that yoga and pilates both will achive the desired effect. I think that controlled breathing plays a part in this as well. Just a theory.
There are 2 weight machines that can give you an 0 as well...and no one will know...that's just your "working hard" face.
Not only that, but as far as I'm concerned, the only orgasms I have are coregasms. If I don't flex my abs during masturbation or sex, I don't come at all.
As a kid, before I realised I could touch myself, I achieved orgasms by climbing rope. At the time I didn't connect the pleasure with my genitals at all, I thought it was ab related.
Gosh, it's a pity that PsychologyToday is generally full of complete and utter horseshit ...
Dunno about exercise, but I believe it. Meditation (believe it or not -- try sitting rohatsu sometime) can do it. Er, and so can motorcycles, but anyone surprised at *that* needs to have their head examined.
I have definitely found myself getting a bit, umm, stimulated when doing certain weight-lifting exercises. But I always find it kinda uncomfortable, so I stop before I reach an actual "coregasm."
I've been having orgasms without touching myself since I was a teenager, and exercise wasn't even involved. Now I know what they're called. All I have to do is clench certain muscles a certain way, concentrate and shift around a little, and boom. I first discovered this trick on long family road trips, and they're still a routine way for me to pass the time on a boring road.
I told my girlfriend this and she said "why don't I have that? that's bullshit!"