Is Richard Conlin Still on the City Council?


Even more interesting...what about the Deep Bore Tunnel.

The press went to from 60 to -60 once McGinn assured its construction by forcing a plebiscite.

Isn't it supposed to Save Our City?

Just like the bus tunnel...Belltown development...the new stadium...light rail...

I feel the need.

The need for factor 9 quakes while trapped in a tunnel.

sing it now "Trapped in a Tunnel". It's like trapped in the closet but they won't get your body out in less than two weeks.
Dominic, you're bad. Thanks for the laugh.
Thanks for getting my hopes up that he'd disappeared and/or resigned. Now back to reality. Sigh.
Showed up at the 43rd District Dem meeting tonight and talked as if he was still on the council.