1) Alexander Radulov is BACK! The former Nashville Predator left the NHL to play in the KHL (the Russian hockey league), where he's been for the last four years. But the Preds kept him on contract all the while and now he's back in Nashville, which is huge for the Predators as he holds the record for most points in a KHL season (80). He'll be making his big return by playing with the Preds tonight against Pittsburgh. (Sidney Crosby is back too, by the way.) I hope Radulov scores a goal because sometimes when he scores he does the rowboat (see 4:02).

2) You Can Play is hockey's version of the It Gets Better Project. More and more NHL players continue to join Patrick Burke's You Can Play initiative, which aims to fight "casual homophobia" in hockey (and all sports, really). Ryan Kesler and Henrik Sedin of the Vancouver Canuks are two of the latest players to join the cause.