Every time I use the words "geek" or "nerd" or "dork", someone feels it necessary to point out that I've used ENTIRELY the wrong term.

There are venn diagrams, posts, guides and quizzes all created in an effort to resolve this issue. In a very general way it appears that "nerds" are more academic, "geeks" are obsessive and "dorks/dweebs" are socially awkward. But since these things all overlap in any given individual the importance of differentiation is lost on me.

I pretty much use these words interchangeably (and will continue to do so, sorry), and I know I'm not alone, even among our ilk. But in the interest of you, YES YOU, making your voice heard on this important etymological debate, here is a thread in which to discuss it.

In related news, The Mary Sue has this post on the myth of the "Fake" Geek Girl. Like other self-selected groups, geeks/nerds/dorks LOVE to point out the posers and tell them how they're doing it wrong. Which is exhausting. Because who cares? Are they somehow destroying your ability to enjoy the thing you love? Let's not be all James Dobson about this, geeks/nerds/dorks. I'd like to believe we're better than that.