NERDS: On Monday I reminded you of upcoming events in Seattle that may be relevant to your interests! And now here are more more more exciting things to attend!

TOMORROW! The Henry Art Gallery is hosting a panel in conjunction with the "Morning Serial: Webcomics Come to the Table" exhibition. The artist panel—featuring Dylan Meconis, Aaron Diaz, Evan Dahm, Spike Trotman, Erika Moen and Emily Ivie—is this Thursday, March 29 at the Henry Art Gallery from 7 pm-8:30 pm and it costs $5 for general admission (students from any school are free!). The exhibition itself runs till June 30th.

Love comic book art? The ECCC Official Live Art Event is this Saturday, March 31 at The Crocodile at 10 pm. From the event page: "There are a bunch of easels set up on a stage with tables full of paint nearby. The incredible artists involved in the event stand up on this stage and make art for your viewing pleasure and geeky delight." (You do not need to attend Emerald City Comicon to come to this event.)

Norwescon is next weekend, April 5-8! Says Slog-tipper djwudi: "It's the thirty-fifth year of the largest local fantasy/sci-fi convention, also home to the Philip K. Dick award for best original SF/F paperback published in the last year."

Thanks to all the Slog-tippers for this ongoing cavalcade of information!