Republican Voters Believe Republican Nomination Race Is Over


73 percent of Democrats are formulating a "Republican Tax".
Women are likely to vote Republican in overwhelming numbers.…
The Mitt Romneybot.
He can't be bargained with.
He can't be reasoned with.
He doesn't feel pity.
Or fear.
Or remorse.
And he absolutely will not stop.
Until you are dead!

"Marry me if you want to live."
Evolution is an unproven theory. All theories are.
I think you mean "a majority of non-Independent voters with landlines who were mostly not working while living off of public monies".

Fixed it for you.

But you can call them Rs if you want.
That article from TPM is such bullshit; I already commented on it there.

Yes the new poll from CNN shows that most Republicans believe that Romney will eventually be the winner.

What the writer of the article does not mention is that

1) 59% of Republican voters want Santorum to stay in the race (compared to 77% for Romney, 39% for Gingrich and 36% for Paul).


2) 43% of Republicans want their parties' nomination chosen at the convention!!

This race is not over nor will it be no matter what the GOP or their voters want.
@8 While I'm not exactly supportive of Obama what exactly could this theoretical brokered convention do for the republicans? Is the idea that Santorum run against Obama? There still some kind of long shot for Ron Paul? The only thing a brokered convention does is help Obama, Romney already went batshit crazy right and if he has to play this out for another few months no one is going to forget any of it. Is the idea that he's already such a massive flip flop that the republicans no longer think it's a negative to keep him flip flopping for longer? I hope you understand the rules of the republican convention, I know they've been changed a bit but the basic idea that the leadership can do whatever the fuck they want and completely buck any delegates if they so choose or just strait up nominate someone the people don't even know is entirely possible and likely. The republicans will take control of their party, and Mitt Romney will be endorsed by Ron Paul.