"This Is (Mostly) True, Mike Daisey"


Oh hey, I wrote and filmed 15 minute monologue about how good I feel about not watching this. Can I just send you the link or is there a submission process?
am I the only person who absolutely hates the use of the phrase "on accident"?
That was great. Thank you, Brendan.
Absolutely no way to define Daisey's "theater" as anything but self-serving nonsense, propaganda pathologically designed to improve the secret wretched self-image of a glutton with nary the discipline to manage a meal and/or exercise plan, the least a "professional" actor might do in support of his "instrument," let alone to manage the creative synthesis of fact and fiction toward the development of valid, transcendent art. He's bloated himself and his wallet with empty calories, empty stories and vacuous lies, and our unwarranted attention. No more than a hustler.
This is great, although I agree with @2.
This is what’s called the lowest level of opportunism that there is. Trying to cash on Mike’s misfortune. Why didn’t she say something while Mike was famous? I bet that she kissed his ass than. And how lookie. She’s kissing someone else’s ass. Don’t try missy. Unlike Mike you got no talent. And this parasitic opportunism doesn’t create art and or good theater. It creates slime. Slime, slime every where. This world is full of slime and slimy people.