We Had Joy, We Had Fun, We Netted $10,000 That Will Go Straight to Seattle Artists


When I click the head photo, it only brings me to that image, not a slideshow. Am I doing something wrong?
There is no slideshow.
@1 Yes.
Slideshow now. Technical problem fixed.

Based on all the ugly nerd dudes with fairly attractive consorts I imagine there were a lot of $600 transactions to "Seattle Security Services" and so forth.
@5, As I look at these pictures, my reaction now is to say to myself over and over, "oh, look, another woman who wouldn't touch John Bailo's arm for $600".
Only $10,000 were raised? Or was that just The Stranger's take, with the rest going to Shunpike?
Fnarf: Haa Haa Haa! Good one!
ah so you must have cashed the check since you're back to dissing chihuly after he sponsored your party.

i'll drop their generic comments email a couple quick screenshots of why they should never give you a dime.
@7 - 10K was just Genius take, the rest went to Shunpike.
@9 - you're a sweetheart.

I hope they got those mini-marshmallows out of the carpet okay. That food fight after last call was epic.
Glad to have dodged the slideshow. I have a feeling that we were a sloppy absinthe-soaked mess by the time we evacuated from the saucer section.
@imcarey: Thanks for the update. Sounds like Shunpike probably made out very well! Terrific organization.
OK- Where do I start?
everyone, see picture 58. Does that one go something like-"I'll get you my pretty, and your shitty art career too! AH-hahahaheheheehe! seriously Graves ug-g-g-lee!

and for the rest of the commentary-ummm, let's try, boring, middle class, somewhat geriatric, forced, un-stylish, tired, and by the looks of it, dull(even WITH the VIP lounge, wow cool).

"Who ARE all these people?" comes to mind
and 10k-sad, but maybe that speaks to how pathetic and misquided those stupid GENIUS awards really are Jen. And I agree with the Chihuly comments...H-I-P-P-O-C-R-I-T-E!!!
I originally misread the headline "...that will go to straight Seattle artists." And I was all," Whaaa?"
@14 - Ok, where do I start? How about you're an asshole.
While getting our coats from the ground level coat check end of the night I saw a guy with two VIP gift backs being hassled by a space needle employee and soon the security guard. Lo and behold, glowing through the cloth of one of his gift backs were three of the LED tea light candles that were on the tables... seems he thought those might be included in his $75/person VIP ticket. Reminds me of the college days of sneaking a shot glass or pint glass out of a bar. Except you didn't have to pay $75 to get in.