Second Special Session All But Certain After Senate Republicans Reject House Budget Proposals


Surely your cynical take on those poor Republicans is incorrect. After all, everything that we have learned about them says that...oh, those bastards. The bastards.
So actual Republicans want smaller government. Who would have thought? And actual Democrats, as per your post yesterday, want higher taxes. It's so good to have this all clarified.

Here's hoping voters will take this to heart in November. If you want higher taxes, vote D. If you want smaller government, vote R.
@ 2, you're so right. My marriage was totally destroyed when the Governor signed the marriage bill.
"... the Republicans and their couple of faux-Dem allies sure do seem determined to use this latest revenue shortfall as an opportunity to permanently downsize state government... the real goal is to use the act of balancing the budget as an opportunity for reducing state worker pension and health care benefits, and eliminating entire programs."

In a twisted way, isn't this good news? Because isn't the AG prevented from fundraising while the legislature is in session?
Good point, @7.

Good point. And he helped drive a wedge between the sides with his meddling call-out of Frank Chopp the other day.

Perhaps what will eventually lead to a resolution of the budget problem is when the legislators realize that their campaign coffers are empty (and not refillable).
Arrrgghhhhh!! I'm channeling WiS.
I can fix Washington's budget problems once and for all: a state Constitutional amendment that prohibits municipalities from receiving more from the state than they pay in. Instant budget cut, affecting only those who are demanding budget cuts. Win-win-win.
After 3+ decades of lies, GOPers still dare to claim they want "small" government but all they have ever created is big government that enables plundering of the public treasury by their corporate cronies. Just trust corrupt Republicans to lower compensations for workers and employees who already pay a greater share of their income in regressive taxes than the 1%ers do. GOPers are despicable social Darwinists who want to destroy the middle class, even pro-corporate Obama appears to think so.
Soon you shall join the Dark Side, young padawan @10.
If the R's want to force another special session, the Governor should call it to begin the very next day after the end of the first special. Don't give McKenna any relief from the campaign fundraising prohibition.
Gosh, I told you so.

Next, the Dems should consider a revenue bill that supports a sustainable budget going into the future and force the Republicans to vote against the sustainable budget.
This should take 29 days, or more.
Tax fairness bill, 2012.
Zarelli has been consistent. He submits that simply balancing the budget this biennium without significant reform just will leads to bigger deficits next biennium.

The Republicans want to drown government in the bathtub and then blame the murder on the Democrats, when people find out just what they've lost. They are trying to force Gregoire into making across-the-board cuts.

Does anyone know for certain when this special-session BS has to stop? Is there a time limit, or a date limit, on special sessions?