Yesterday, I noticed a pattern in Mitt Romney's most recent attacks on President Obama. Basically, Romney's accusing Obama of being Mitt Romney. That post ended, "I can't wait for Romney to accuse Obama of being too wealthy." Well, that hasn't happened yet, but we're getting closer. Check out this headline from Talking Points Memo:

Romney, Who Holds Two Harvard Degrees, Says Obama Spent ‘Too Much Time’ At Harvard

Look: George W. Bush could get away with shit like this. He had the fancy education and he came from a preppy east-coast background. But he was great at acting like a parody of an ordinary Texas idiot. It was an act that he spent his entire life perfecting. Mitt Romney can't run away from his Harvard background, because he exudes a Harvard background. He stinks of money and elitism. If he keeps trying to act like jus' folks, jus' folks are going to run away from him, because he doesn't pass the bullshit test. It just doesn't feel right for Romney to bash Harvard. Even worse, Buzzfeed found video of Romney calling his Harvard education "terrific."