President Obama Signs JOBS Act: What Do You Think?



This is quite possibly the most unusual conjecture I've read today:

If Bill Gates Were Black...

As we move deeper into the election season, let’s not focus on the fact that President Obama is black. Let’s shift the conversation to what would happen if Bill Gates were black? That’s hope you can bank on.…
EVERYTHING leads to a speculative bubble.
Well, it is a Republican bill after all. Kind of a good reason that it seems Republican. Duh.
Big Business destroys US jobs - FACT.

Small Business creates US jobs - FACT.

Net win.

Expect Mittens to follow the lead from the Chinese Communist Party house organs and pooh pooh it.
Beep boop deregulation is good for America, beep boop.
Mostly agree.
Big business has economies of scale that allow it to delete/off-shore US jobs that small businesses (non-public companies) do not have.

I'm not fully informed on this yet but the first problem I see is the focus on IPO's.
Most of the small companies I am aware of will never have an IPO.
And I think the IPO's were the biggest problem in the dot-com bubble.

But I'm still massively uninformed on this issue so what I just posted may be completely wrong.
Is there any definitive write-up on the possible harms of this act? It seems like something Harpers or The Atlantic would tackle.
Hope for the best but like, kinda glad I'm not a democrat. Really guys? Really?
Well, we are in the USA and are supposed to create small businesses. I thought that was the idea. I am surprised at the red-tape. The elitists deign to throw us a bone sometimes, though it is usually to choke on. It reminds me of the early protestation of the bill of rights: if the USA is founded on the concept of individual freedom, the rights laid out in the constitution are needless. They are instead like the Magna Carta: rights "generously" donated to the "barons" by the king. Seems the USA duplicates the monarchy with an implied king.