On April 4, a 26-year-old man walks into a West Seattle store, presumably for a little light shopping, then all hell breaks loose:

Officers contacted the Loss Prevention Officers at the store and they stated that they confronted the suspect after he placed $32.00 worth of items in a grocery basket and then proceeded to put those items into plastic grocery bags he pulled from his pocket. The witnesses stated that they watched as the suspect then walked out of the store without paying for the items. At that point the security officers confronted the suspect, identified themselves, and attempted to convince the suspect to step back inside the store. The man attempted to flee, but store security was able to wrestle him to the ground. A man walking by the store witnessed the struggle and attempted to assist in holding the suspect down. It was at that point that the suspect pulled out a small can of pepper spray and sprayed the security officers and the passerby in the face. The suspect then fled and 911 was called.

...Officers arrived in the area and quickly located the suspect in an alley, just south of Lander. As the officers approached, the male suspect took off running, refusing the officers’ commands to stop. One officer pursued the suspect on foot down the alley, ordering him to stop several times. As the suspect ran out of the alley, he turned and attempted to spray the officer with the pepper spray canister he still held in his hand. The officer was able to avoid most of the spray from hitting his face, and the suspect was taken into custody after the officer deployed his Taser.

This was an appropriate use of a Taser, I think. However, it's criminal that SPD omitted from its report what those $32 worth of items were.