Charles Manson Has a Parole Review Next Week: The prison has released a new mugshot (the swastika's still there) and apparently he has not been a good prisoner. He's snuck in cell phones and was found with a homemade bomb.

I Sunk Your Ghost Ship: The U.S. Coast Guard shot a cannon into a ghost ship that had been drifting around since being set lose by the tsunami in Japan.

"Giant Panda's Complicated Sex Life Revealed": "Males travel long distances, but females 'ready and willing' only 1 to 3 days a year." Sound familiar, amirite, dudes? Har har.

A New Study Explains How the First HIV Vaccine Worked: “With further exploration, this new knowledge may bring us a step closer to developing a broadly protective HIV vaccine.”

Mega Millions Drama: The woman who claimed to have a winning Mega Millions ticket, and wasn't going to share it with her co-workers because the ticket that won wasn't part of the lotto pool, now says she lost the ticket. Meanwhile, there are theories about whether or not she's from an anti-Romney group and people are weirdly obsessed with a hat she wore.

Sold!: "The town of Buford, Wyoming—population 1—was sold for $900,000 to an unidentified buyer from Vietnam."

Hempfest Is Going Retail: The new store (which will also house offices for Hemfest staff members), will be "used to sell hemp clothing, posters, patches, glass art, trinkets and other Hempfest items."

Plant Man: A West Seattle man will personally dig up your unwanted trees and then replant them on his own property.

Sundance Cinemas Are Coming to Seattle: Sundance Cinemas are going to take over and remodel the Metro in the U-District. The new theater will "include stadium seats, new projection and sound systems and a lounge with a full bar."

Stock Talk: Rumor has it that Facebook will list its stock on Nasdaq exchange.

The Weirdest Thing the Hockey World Saw All Week: Last night Ryane Clowe of the San Jose Sharks played the puck FROM THE BENCH. You don't do that sir. You only get to play the puck when you're on the ice.