1. Mr.Schmader already told you about the exciting-looking Poetry Apocalypse happening at Town Hall tonight, but there's another poetry event I wanted to tell you about: Andrew Feld reads at Open Books tonight. Feld's second poetry collection, Raptor, features poems about birds of prey. It's full of interesting poems and is totally worth your time. Go read a preview at University of Chicago's page for the book.

2. Norwescon is happening all weekend long in SeaTac. SakuraCon has been getting all the love lately, but Norwescon is the sci-fi convention that helped put Seattle on the nerd map. Every year, the biggest names in science fiction gather at the aseptic but aesthetically neutral DoubleTree hotel by SeaTac airport to attend panels, get their books signed, and dance the night away at any number of the sexy sci-fi themed afterparties. In addition to all the festivities, costumes, and paraphernalia, Norwescon is host to the annual Philip K. Dick Award, which is consistently the most interesting sci-fi-themed book award in the business. If you’ve ever loved a sci-fi book, movie, or TV show, chances are you’ll find something to love in SeaTac this weekend. I reviewed Norwescon right after I first started at this job. It was a fun convention experience.

3.Tomorrow night is time for sex-talk at Elliott Bay Book Company. columnist Rachel Kramer Bussel reads with two popular Portland authors—Kevin Sampsell and Lidia Yuknavitch—who contributed to Best Sex Writing 2012: The State of Today's Sexual Culture. Those names should make you very excited, and not just in a sexy way.

4. And! The legendary poet Eileen Myles is reading at Hedreen Gallery on Easter. She's got a flip-book of poetry that just came out, and Catherine R. Smyka loved the hell out of it, calling Myles "a master of language," and noting that both books "celebrate imagination" in language that "uses just the meat of her ideas and discards the rest."

5. This weekend is packed with readings about baseball and being the lead singer of Soul Coughing, and being a developing literary writer. Find all that information here.