The YBF:

Chicago's Urban Prep Academy (an all-male charter school) just pulled a THREE-PEAT announcing that ALL of their graduating seniors have been accepted into four-year colleges! Get the deets on this fabulous feat inside.....

Some folks have no faith in the educational system, but Urban Prep Academy on Chicago's south side must be doing something right.

Once again, 100% of its 2012 graduating seniors are heading off to college in the fall. And by the way, this school is the only all-Black, all-male public prep school in Chicago!

It also helps that the boys are required to wear uniforms. This business of letting young people express themselves with clothes at school (capitalism exploiting youthful instability and incoherence) is a big mistake. Childhood must begin in one indistinguishable mass, a massive common, a communism (free parental and state care) that is gradually individuated. The individual is the end, not the start of an education. Also, boys look handsome in uniforms.
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