All Night in Oly: Lawmakers went bananas in the house and senate chambers as the Washington State Legislature toiled all night—thereby rolling into a second extended legislative session—to approve a supplemental budget that shores up more than a half-billion-dollar gap. The AP has the basics about a sticking point for state employee pensions. As the night pressed on, the Facebook posts got crazier and crazier. At this point," one wrote this morning, "I wonder whether it's worth it to go to the motel ... I'd have to check out almost as soon as I check in!" Another posted a pic and wrote, "My seatmate... snoozing between votes this morning following a 23 hour marathon floor session." And some were pointing fingers: "We couldn't adjourn by midnight last night because of the dysfunctional Senate—some Senators were throwing chairs at each other, no kidding!"

Dead: As of last night, it appeared that a bill allowing counties to raise motor vehicle excise taxes to fund transit was toast.

Shameless Jackassery: The Seattle Times has a big front-page story today about the First Hill streetcar. What does the public really need to know? Cars are under assault because bicycles are taking over:

Recipe for more road rage.
  • Recipe for more road rage.

Bicycle Bad, Car Good: Conservative politics found to be the result of "low-effort" thinking. Driver's only solution to hit cyclist!

Wait, We're Not Done Bitching About the Budget: Goldy threatens to "Go All Pam Roach," a local euphemism what we fear from a local senator with a penchant for packing heat.

You Know This by Now: Rick Santorum is out.

Danny Westneat: Catches up with the Catholic church's move to bring R-74 petitions into churches.

Ask a Stupid Question: "Do McDonald's burgers and fries belong in hospitals?" YES!