Good morning/afternoon! We now live in the dystopia predicted in this Rick Santorum ad:

So what's happened in Mitt Romney's first day as the official Republican nominee?

· George W. Bush says he likes Romney's tax plans, because they don't penalize the "so-called rich."

· The Romney campaign has already approached Rick Santorum's sweater-vest maker to see about making "Mitt-wear."

· The first Rove-backed Super PAC ad against President Obama's energy policies has gone live.

· Pat Robertson has endorsed Mitt Romney, even though Romney's a Mormon, which is quite big of Robertson. "He's not running for Chief Rabbi," Robertson says. "I can't imagine he's going to interject the Mormon religion into the way he governs. He might, but I would sincerely doubt it." Nice to know where your values are, Pat.

· Romney is already trying to reach out to groups he had to alienate while running for the nomination, including women, Latinos, and independents.

· But this is not the best way to win women over: Romney's policy advisers would not (or could not) say whether their candidate supported equal pay for women:

But, when asked by a reporter whether Romney supported the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which Obama signed in 2009 barely a week after taking office, the aides weren’t so sure.

We’ll get back to you on that,” said one of the Romney surrogates.

Romney's campaign responded by email about an hour later, but didn't specifically answer whether Romney supported the law Obama signed.