Slog Bible Study: Hosea 13:16


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By "little ones" do they mean "penises?" Straight up gangsta.
The history of "Pro-life".

So God's pro-choice?
Wait. All of them? Even the good Samaritans?
Ha ha ha
@6: What makes it especially hilarious is knowing that Samaria is the West Bank, and thousands of years later this is actually happening pretty much every day.
Oh, merciful Lord.
Yep, Yahweh lurves ALL his children - except for the ones he wants you to eviscerate...
The Samaritans, according to recent science, were the original Jews. Jerusalem is not the capitol of Israel, Solomon's temple never existed, Mt. Gerizim in Samaria was the site of a fabulous jewish temple, and Samaria and Samaritans were demonized and edited out in the OT (as evidenced by today's verse).…
Just some more sagely advice from the world's best-seller.
"That which is hateful to you, do to your neighbors. That is the whole Torah; the rest explanation; now go and learn."
And verily it was commanded to him that he fasten his dog to the roof of the family station wagon and to make not an enemy of one who would barbecueith a dog, lo instead let him host a celebration for thine wife.

the book of Mitt 20:12
This has something to do with the Titanic. What that something is I don't know.
Ok ok, we get it, our team is awesome, the other team will be dashed upon rocks, yada yada yada.

I just remembered that I hooked up with my first hit of acid from a kid at Sunday school. It was called "Around the World" and had a little earth icon stamped on it.
Yup! after the eviction from the garden of Eden Humanity was forced to "deal" with it cruel self and to deal with a pissed off God? and all of the big ass kickings from god seem to stem from rebellion as they do from in any religion it seems.
But yes God Chills and God Kicks back and god lays low.
Genesis 8:21
Hosea is one of those prophets of doom. What more needs to be said?

@12: Fuck off, asshole.
"But remember, the Thou Shalt Not Kill rule is still in effect. So... work within those parameters. I trust you guys will figure it out. I'll be busy burying more fake dinosaur bones as a test of faith for later generations, so I'll check back on you later."
Seems a lot like the current unrest in the Middle East...lennia been that a way off and on for 4 millennia, eh???
For the religion business, this is a Godsend. If we could rip the unholy fetus from every pregnant atheist, bingo, we would have no more future unbelievers!

Praise God & pass the offering plate!!
The Bible is chock full of baby killin'!
yes, Hosea was a prophet of doom but he also talks about God wooing the children of Israel and desiring the children of Israel. I love that! If God can woo and desire than why is sexuality such a "bad" think for so many Christians today?
Yes, Hosea was a prophet of doom but he also talks about God wooing the children of Israel and desiring the children of Israel. I love that! If God can woo an desire than why is sexuality such a "bad" thing for so many Christians historically right up to today. It's sad.
@22: In Judaism, the Sabbath is conceptualized as a bride.