Hey, Eli: Is that a Pulitzer Prize in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us?
From the Seattle Times (which also won yesterday):

Sanders said when he checked the Pulitzer website and found out he had won, he went into Frizzelle's office and had him click on the announcement.

"We jumped up and down, and then we told everybody," Sanders said.

To celebrate, the paper's general manager, Laurie Saito, went to a nearby liquor store for three bottles of Ballatore Gran Spumante that sell for $7.99 each.

Congratulate him in comments here. Read his award-winning feature if you haven't. And make sure to read Jennifer Hopper's follow-up piece, because it is amazing.

In other news (that did not result in drinking champagne at work)...

This Trial's Going to Be Hard to Watch: Anders Breivik says he "carried out the most spectacular and sophisticated attack on Europe since World War II," then "said he would do it all again and asked to be acquitted."

The US Has Too Much Gas: Apparently "the normal supply-and-demand laws of economics aren't working as they used to in the [natural gas] industry." (Read that story for the definition of "Redneck OPEC.")

The IMF Is Feeling Optimistic: They've revised their world economic growth forecast slightly upward, while warning that another eurozone crisis is totally possible.

SPD to Propose Dashcam Video Legislation: A judge just ruled that the department can legally withhold those videos, but as part of their "transparency initiative" SPD's looking to legalize their release instead.

King County Metro Considers Further Service Cuts: People don't seem too happy about it. (Surprise!) "Metro is considering cutting 17 routes altogether, and another eight could see service reductions."

The Space Shuttle Discovery: Retiring after 148 million miles and 365 days in orbit.

Well, That Was Predictable: "The fugitive who made headlines for updating his Facebook while on the run has been caught" in Port Angeles.

Oh em gee! Watch this clouded leopard cub be adorable!