Presumptive Republican vice presidential nominee Marco Rubio (he even spoiled it himself yesterday) has answered Mitt Romney's call for a "Republican DREAM Act" by proposing immigration reform:

Rubio's working draft of similar [to the DREAM Act] legislation would grant legal immigration status to such children who were brought to the United States illegally by their parents. It would require that they graduated from college or served honorably in the military.

This teeny tiny olive branch probably isn't going to win the Latino vote for Republicans. What's more, Republicans probably won't like it, either:

For the right, there's a very different kind of concern. It's generally called the "Kobach test," named after Mitt Romney's right-wing immigration adviser, Kris Kobach, who's helped shape anti-immigrant laws.

For Kobach, proposals are necessarily "unacceptable" if undocumented immigrants receive any kind of legal status, even if it falls short of citizenship.

The Republicans have really painted themselves into a corner with this no-compromises thing. Rubio will be seen as just liberal enough to scare the teabaggers, but way too conservative for everyone else.