The Atlantic takes a look at which cities own the most e-readers. The winner? Lexington, Kentucky.

Major metropolitan cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Chicago and LA get crushed in these rankings.

College towns like Lexington, Madison and Ann Arbor fare the best in Kindle ownership.

Fresno, CA is the most digitally illiterate city in America. We are very disappointed in you. Same goes for Las Vegas and San Diego where a commitment to reading books on electronic devices is noticeably absent.

I was surprised by how low on the list of e-reader-owners Seattle turns out to be, since the Amazon mothership is right here in South Lake Union. It would be interesting to see how these e-book-happy cities fare in terms of independent bookshops and libraries; I notice that quite a few cities in the middle of the list have some great bookstores and strong library systems. Other interesting notes: Nook sales didn't alter these statistics at all, and iPad resales are way higher than e-ink devices, by far.