Looks Like a Big Win for Obama and Diplomacy in the Iran/Israel Conflict


Anything that makes Iran seem less threatening will help Obama. When the American people feel that sinister old men from half way around the world are trying to kill them, they tend to vote Republican.
Well if they cant get their war, they can always call for early elections. I'm sure they wont have a problem using US based weapons to kill hundreds of unarmed civilians.


Well, the mullahs are probably more rational than Ahmadinejad, BUT........
Thank god the media war frenzy failed. Remember those supposed bombings by Iranian agents on motorscooters? No information on them. No pictures, no names. So fucking fake...ah I mean staged.
Gas prices have nothing to do with this - rising gas prices are due to rising competition for the product as China and India start buying in. That's not going to change.
Of course Iran will not develop an Atomic bomb, Israel will kill all their scientists and then bomb the facilities for making plutonium or what ever.
Good Morning Charles,
Obviously, if there is no attack on Iranian nuclear facilities before the Nov. general election, it will benefit ALL parties not just Obama. Clearly, I don't want war no matter who it benefits. But, if it comes to pass that no action is taken regarding Iran by the Israelis before the election or after then it will have been a victory of diplomacy first. Naturally, the Obama Administration will extract whatever benefits (credit) it can before the election. But, that's not surprising at all. Any adminstration would do the same.
I think someone's about to get court-martialed in Israel.
Oil prices will fall on this news (because of the reduced probability of a major supply disruption), which is good for Obama's re-election prospects. This really is the only way a US President can lower oil prices.
Iran wants to sell their oil for non-US currency and they continue to put out feelers to this end. Also, if we can't put a pipeline through Afghanistan, the only way to get the untapped oil/natural gas reserves from the Caspian Sea to a port for transport is through Iran or Russia. We're not gonna fuck with the Russians, so Iran is the only other option.

On 12/21/12, someone will detonate a nuclear bomb at the site we call Armageddon (it's a place, not an event; in Israel). I swear to God, it's gonna happen...self-fulling prophecy...

Oil/Money = Power
Conspiracy!!! The Jooos!!! Get your Torches!!!