Stephen Colbert Damns "Influential" Cardinal Dolan with Faint Praise


That was hee-larious, especially his hat tip to Dolan for doing more to control women than the inventor of Spanx (also an honoree).
He truly is America's darling.
His writers deserve a raise and a copy of the mag.
Does anyone else in America has guts like this? He says things that I can only imagine saying in my wildest dreams and would never think of in time to say them.
His finest moment was hosting the 2005 White House Correspondents' Dinner. A genuine act of heroism, demolishing Dubya to his very face.
Awesome! Can't wait for the video/audio version.
Ditto what 1 and 5 said.
@5 (Pope Buck I): As good as the White House Correspondents' Dinner was, Colbert's more recent segments on Super PACs and 501(c)(4)s have been at least as funny and probably more important. A lot of people knew by 2005 that the Bush Administration was an unmitigated disaster and that the mainstream press had been reduced to taking dictation from it. Not so many were aware in 2011 that you could use a 501(c)(4) to launder and anonymize PAC contributions, or even that the ban on coordinating PACs with campaigns was a meaningless formality.

@Everyone: Don't worry about Cardinal Dolan holding a grudge. Colbert is on record as saying that a woman's health decisions are a private matter between her priest and her husband. So you see, they're really on the same page.
That should read "sporting a crook you could hang a mitre on", not "lighter".
The comments about Cardinal Dolan are disgusting. I don't care whether Colbert is Catholic or not, his ridicule is smarmy and just shows the alarming depths society has sunk to these days. What has happened to civility? Shame on you, Steven Colbert.