Slog Poll: Is Gayness Built Into Batman?


The real joke is your stubborn, bone deep conviction that somehow, somewhere, all of this makes sense! That's what cracks me up each time!
This is just one of many weird, weird turns that Batman has taken over the years. Here's a list compiled by Cracked, with the "Rainbow Creature" at #1. And here's another. (They're totally gay-bones for Batman over at Cracked.)
My first sexual feelings, at age 3: watching a Batman & Robin episode (live-action B&W--that's what was on TV in Outer Mongolia in the mid-70's) in which Robin was tied up & hanging from something, waiting for Batman to come rescue him. I mean, come on. 
The Frank Miller Batman is actually so straight that he comes all the way back around to gay again.
I believe the term is "confirmed bachelor."
Batman has and always will be my favorite masked vigilante, he is also as gay as tangerines. I see no conflict here.
yo, anyone who voted for the last option is an asshole.
With Robin, ya, but otherwise I'm not sure how Batman is more gay than the other super-heroes. Morrison is trolling anyway.
More gay than Aquaman?

Wasn't this more than implied by the SNL parody, Ambiguously Gay Duo?…
Grant Morrison writes a damn good Batman ish, that's for sure.
Also, Oswald, as the voice of Batman? Blech.
Will Brooker asserted he was in his Batman Unmasked, FWIW
@11 Damn it! You beat me to it!
No, Paul, you're the only other guy along with bankster Bruce Wayne who would want a ward named Dick, the rest of us prefer our young wards to be female and named Tiffany.

Eh... I prefer to think he's just not motivated by sex. With Robin, i.e. "boy I adopted and indoctrinated into my insane crusade (and whose crime fighting alter ego doesn't wear pants)"... there might be something sexual going on there but I'm not sure it's a good example of what we call gay. Creepy, hell yes. More pedophilic/self-aggrandizing than gay, though, I think.
I've always thought so. He's some rich bachelor who houses this twink who's a circus performer and no doubt has remarkable flexibility. He's always turning down Catwoman and ladies at cocktail parties.