Today at the Broadway Farmers Market, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., you will find:

· Local/organic "honest to goodness, kick-ass" HONEST BISCUITS: Our friend Jill (editor of Edible Seattle) says, "A very sweet North Carolinian named Art makes the biscuits. They're silly-huge, but really good, and they'll warm them up in their little oven. One has Beecher's Flagship, one has cinnamon and bits of apple, the plain one is called Butter Hole, which is a good name, and the one that's maybe my favorite, with Theo chocolate, I have named the hillbilly pain au chocolate. I can't tell if Art thinks this is funny or not, which, since he's Southern, probably means he doesn't find it funny but doesn't want to be rude." Honest Biscuits are also still at the West Seattle Farmers Market, too, and coming to Queen Anne in June.

· “Seattle’s first independent urban juicery” JUICE BOX: It's juice made in a shiny, big-ass juicer by a La Bête sous chef and a private chef with experience at Anchovies & Olives and Staple and Fancy, according to Capitol Hill Seattle. Juice Box may also be found at the Thursday Queen Anne Farmers Market.

· Malaysian food at the KEDAI MAKAN stall: Great-sounding stuff from a former Ba Bar/Monsoon/Poppy chef, according to Nosh Pit; the other half of the duo worked at Cascadia and is now at Crush, which isn't too shabby, either. They traveled and studied extensively in South East Asia. It's pronounced "kah-dye mah-kan" (and Kedai Makan is also popping up as part of the incubator series at Skelly and the Bean tomorrow).

I would like to eat this right now.
  • I would like to eat this right now.