"Of An Explicit Nature": Courtney Love Has an Art Show


Should I not have laughed out loud at that description?
Inland Empire 2.
So self-portraits then?
"Love received some advice from Julian Schnabel for the gallery show."

My advice: OD on heroin today.
Is "enthralling" the new word for nauseating?
Angelyne's art show was/is way better.
One of the more provocative pieces is titled "Keep It Up, Mother ..." and shows a woman crucified with blood running down her naked body. The piece features some of Love's writing, including the following passage:

"How you must have suffered getting accustomed to ME. My savage solitary soul -- my NAME that sends them all running ..."

When I was conducting the academic inquiry for a presentation at The Seattle Art Museum ( www.facebook.com/events/104286156289406 ) I was asked when I would like to present. After some cross-indexing of significant dates and available windows of opportunity, I concluded the most auspicious coincidence would fall on July 9. Two anniversaries appeared in the window; my presentation was to involve the current special exhibits at the museum; love fear pleasure lust pain glamour death, curated by Marisa Sanchez, and Kurt, curated by Michael Darling. In overlaying the two special exhibits upon a calendar, it was revealed that Kurt Cobain's widow, Courtney Love, celebrated her birthday on July 9th. July 9, 1963 marked the vernissage for Andy Warhol's soup can paintings exhibit at Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles, California. Kismet. I continued to prepare for the presentation by exercising an organizing principle of mine which I've previously mentioned, Jen, that of contacting personages of fame, such as when I wrote to Jasper Johns and he wrote his reply on the back of a postcard of a Thomas Eakins painting. For the SAM presentation, I wrote to Courtney Love's agent and asked if she would participate in the presentation, though in all honesty, this was a new level of audacity on my part, asking her to make a public appearance on her birthday. I wasn't given a reply to the request. I would be very interested in a two-person show of Courtney Love and her daughter, Francis Bean, for the simple fact that Kurt Cobain was, in my opinion, a very gifted visual artist in addition to his musical gifts, and the potential for that creative expression in his daughter is an intriguing possibility for an exhibit.

Paul Kuniholm Pauper
I've never understood the hatred for Love, a decent musician, actor, performance artist and a wee crazy. I think it's a bit daft that peeps blame her for Kurt's death. I ve always enjoyed her life as a performance piece. I cheered for her when she showed up at the MTV awards and started throwing CDs at Madonna, you could see Madonnas arrogance drain and she was scared shitless of Love. And for those who didn't see her live y'all missed some great shows. So she was a druggie and a musician and a wee off . Why hate her? She is probably a decent painter too. Go Courtney!
Courtney Love attempts her first gallery show

Wow, the headline of that L.A. Times piece damns with faint praise.
I've never understood the hatred for Love, a decent musician, actor, performance artist and a wee crazy.

I don't hate her. I sincerely pity her. But I'll explain why she draws so much ire.

Take this for the anecdote it is but I've met her a couple of times. Long before her fame. That woman has been on a 24/7 audition for noted bad sociopathic bad seed Nancy Spungen since 1986. It might be the drugs or it might be she's an insufferable hag but I have rarely met some one with a worse care of Do-You-Know-Who-The-Fuck I Am-ism combined with a sincere need to be institutionalized.

I've seen Hole live three maybe four times. I'm sorry. IMHO She's only a passable musician. Had she not been married to Kurt Cobain she would have passed into the footnotes of rock history fairly quickly. As it is now it's 90's nostalgia the props up her status as a rocker.

As for her stint as an "actress." The best you can say is she was surprising good in two roles. "The People vs. Larry Flint" chiefly. And she was playing a harpy junkie stripper. So it wasn't much of a stretch.

A wee crazy? Ask yourself why she hasn't done much work since? Two roles in two Academy award winning films - she should have been up to her neck in work - but that's well over a decade ago. And a couple small spots here and there.

Why? Because she was a horrific pain in the ass to work with and nobody will work with her anymore. She's simply awful. All her friends and family, including her own daughter, have systematically abandoned her leaving her with an entourage of people who make money off a notorious train wreck.

Courtney Love's shelf life expired years ago and anybody with any sense of dignity wants to see this sad schtick trotted out every couple of years.