Rural Farm Bill Gives Rural People What they Want: Less Governement



Locusts in honey are kind of yummy, if you roast them first.
Seek and ye shall find.
"Well, pray for rain or the death of locusts or what ever you people whisper into your hands".

Charles, that's devastating.
The rural folks don't need economic development. As long as Monsanto et al continue to get money to farm, and the city dwelling descendants of farmers continue to collect their farm subsidy on land they haven't seen in years, everything will be OK.
Don't worry, everybody, it's cool, everything's cool. Multi-million-acre industrial corn and potato farms will still get huge subsidies. Farming is fine. Everything is fine. Eat your Big Mac and go back to sleep. Rural people aren't real people. They are only dreams, right, Charles? Dreams of an American era that never really existed, bitter about the fact that the world is waking up and leaving them behind. Or something.
you people? hi-larious!
@1 You should credit George RR Martin for you absolutely unoriginal thought.
lol @7; I was thinking, those locusts turned out to be poisoned. So go ahead, Will, and eat 'em up!
Best Mudede post ever.
It's not as simple as this...I grew up in a small town, the general culture was (and is) conservative, but it's not all-consuming. There's some centrists and even a few liberals.

And even if a lot of rural people would shut down their local farm programs & public schools and even social security, that should be resisted even by us city-folk. Just for common decency and to give the young and poor and old a chance at a good life.

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Chuck, I challenge you to get by on a purely urban diet. Crows, squirrels, raccoons, blackberries, grass, etc. Only what lives & grows inside the city limits. You should let nothing grown or raised by a rural idiot pass your lips.
Hey, it's the country folk that vote the politicians like Steve King in. Let them reap what they sew

And I'm serious about the farm subsidy nonsense. I have a relative who gets her check from the government each year for the farmland she's been renting out for decades. It's intended for the person who actually farms the land, but she doesn't care.

"Let them reap what they sow" ha ha.
Oh poo. I knew that. I even looked it up to make sure I had it right.

Stupid auto-correct.
@12: you're missing the point. the point is: stop being stupid hicks, because this was a good thing and your regressive politics ended it.

Considering the overwhelming bulk of American agricultural products are essentially manufactured by or for massive, corporate-owned mega-food producers (e.g. Acher-Daniels-Midland, Monsanto, Cargill) and NOT (as many rural folks would have you believe) on small-scale family farms, your challenge has little meaning, since even a majority of the "rural idiots" as you call them are subsisting on the same mass-produced industrial diet as everybody else.
Cue raucous laughter from the blue archipelago..........
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