Mitt Romney Is Proud of That Time He Saved Detroit


I think that happened in Bizzaro-Romney universe
Next he'll be taking credit for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
or personally hunting down Osama and killing him with his own bare hands... oh wait no, that was G.W. Bush.. my bad.
I wish somebody would stand up and call this guy a bullshit artist to his face.
Sure, he deserves a lot of credit for saving the auto industry. But if you want a better example of his vision and leadership, you have to look back to the decision to put a man on the moon. That really inspired the country, boosted the economy, and created a lot of technological innovation as well.
I knew Mitt Romney had what it takes to be President of the United States when he first introduced fire to a group of astonished cavemen. Really soidified his status as a Job Creator.
He's so full of shit his eyes are brown.
@5 I always like to look back to his time in France playing the charismatic diplomat that swepped Paris off it's feat all to secure them as allies in our beautiful struggle for independence against the Brittish Imperialists state run corporate tyranny. Man's a patriot.
I expect a Romney commercial where he flies into space and stops a speeding asteroid from crashing into Earth.
Next thing you know, he'll take credit for Obamacare, calling it Romneycare 2.0 ...

Oh, wait, today he's against it ...
I'm not convinced Romney even wants the job. The ride to the debate against Obama is going to be long like the ride to the doctor for a child whose mother called his bluff about why he's staying home from school.

Tangentially, my rental car last weekend was a Chevrolet and wouldn't you know it, it wasn't a total piece of shit. Nice job, America.
So is this guy just playing a particularly bullshit-ridden political game, or is he so devoid of any kind of conviction that he simply has no idea what truth is?

I love that: "my views helped save the industry." Well, I really wanted Osama bin Laden found, so I guess my view on that killed him. Also, I think women should have the right to vote, so I guess I deserve credit because my opinion made the 19th amendment happen.

That's how things happen right? Someone just has to have the right "view" and BAM!
Agreed that's it's stupid (although probably good politics) for Romney to claim this. But the automakers didn't just "technically" go though bankruptcy. Bankruptcy, by allowing them to shed massive debts, was absolutely essential to the entire scheme. Most of their creditors got stiffed just as much as they would have without the bailout (perhaps more so, since without the bailout they might have got at least some money from liquidation). The role of the government was not to prevent the bankruptcy, it was to ensure that the unions got better terms than they would have from the bankruptcy courts and to ensure that the bankrupt companies could get debtor-in-possession financing.
The Debt Management and Industry Restructuring (heavily regulated, as opposed to the financial industry bailout which was about the worst deal for the American people, both in the short and long term) done in the auto industry should have been the template for how we handled the bank failures (and, if you look to Spain, they handled their financial institution failures in a similar fashion...hurts a little more in the short term, but helps a lot more in the long run). one saved Detroit except the people of Detroit (and, it ain't like the city isn't still a shell of its former self). All the Government did is save the corporations that control the majority of our light industrial manufacturing capacity so that we can build tanks for the next war.

I don't know who deserves credit for this, exactly, because no one is extending credit at the moment in amounts that matter. When they do, I'll figure out who should get it.
@14 That's an answer Romney would be proud of in all of its false-equivocating, non-sensical, bullshit-tastic glory.

Also, at last look, Spain is still in total meltdown mode and Detroit is turning a profit.………

Or are you using words ironically again?
Didn't he also invent teh internet?

And also: hairspray, cheese-in-a-can, math rock, reality television, and Wite Out.

Ooops, my bad, the Monkee's mom invented one of those...
Next, he will remind us how he stopped the Viet Cong in their 1966 attack on Paris.

He's a hero and veteran, that Mister Romney!

As I said, it's a little rough in the short term to go Spain's route, but they have avoided the total meltdown so far that Greece was unable to do, and while they are instituting some austerity measures, they are carefully choosing those which do not suck capital out of the economy in any great amount, nor that kill essential services for their citizens.

They've also allowed different cities to use their own resources and ingenuity to keep services that the national government is no longer providing, and so some have moved to growing industrial hemp on a much wider scale.

They're also still investing in future technologies and have become the world leaders in solar energy concentration technologies (overtaking the former leader, The US in this industry).

They also recently issued debt and while the interest rate on their bonds is high, the market ended up buying double the amount they originally intended to sell.

I know the picture the mainstream media is painting of Spain, but they are keeping Europe from falling apart with these decisions they are making and they have set themselves up for long-term success as well. I ain't sayin' they're a shoe-in for this success, but at least they aren't letting the IMF suck them dry.

Argentina started doing the same thing after Chavez bankrolled their debt restructuring. There are some unhappy former investors, sure, but Argentina is poised for massive growth now, and none of it will be stolen from them by outside interests.

You can look at the propaganda that is being pushed in the here and now, or you can learn the economic fundamentals and study the situation in depth.

I don't care which you choose to do. It ain't like knowing the truth behind the bullshit matters these days, anyway.

Also, still plenty of nature overtaking formerly urban areas of Detroit. That city ain't out of the woods by a long shot (literally and figuratively).
It's been said already, but Romney says he can take credit for saving the American auto industry, while Obama can't take credit for risking his presidency to kill Osama. What a hypocritical turd. Please, somebody in the media, ridicule this.

What was the risk in killing bin Laden? He had a rear admiral set up to take the fall if it failed, and both the right and left rejoiced when it didn't. His approval rating has never been higher, with the exception of his 1st few days in office when no one had seen anything from him.

I don't think Romney did shit around Motown, but that was a silly analogy, and you are correct to think it deserves to be made fun of.
@21: "What was the risk in killing bin Laden?"
Hmm...possible war with Pakistan, condemnation from every corner of the political universe, continued "only Republicans are good at national security" narrative...
But if you say he was planning to blame it on a rear admiral gone rogue, sure! I'll take your word for it!
Unfortunately for Romney, everyone is not crazy at the same time.

Why bother believing me when you've got a small, wack-o conspiracy rag like The Washington Post to confirm what I've said:…

And, seriously? War with Pakistan? They forced the woman whose husband was killed by a CIA Spy (there in country illegally) to accept the $5 million bribe that we dropped so that the CIA agent could go free.

We could make Zardari blow Obama just before Obama blew his brains out for the whole country to see, and Pakistan wouldn't go to war with us. They're still our ally, and we had been invading their borders for months prior to the assassination of bin Laden.

Don't you think that if they were going to declare war against us it would have been some time following the many acts of war we're guilty of performing within their borders that preceded bin Laden's death?

Sheesh. It's like I'm the only person who can aggregate a few news stories to paint a clear picture of reality.