Mitt Romney to Fundraise with Plan B Manufacturer


The more I watch Romney campaign, the more I see Obama winning by the biggest margins since George Washington.
Didn't the Right get over the Romney on the board of Marriott making tons from hotel room porn watching? The GOP doesn't care about hypocrisy!! See: Vitter, David
I agree with @2, this will be instantly filed under IOIYAR.
Targeted twitter and FB reminders with cool cartoons.

That is what will work.

Old people live for that stuff, and it cuts thru their perceptive screens.
Obviously, his position is evolving.
@ 3 I dunno I think the right wing is going to be mad about this
His right wing is mad. Period. In every sense of the word, and regarding every conceivable issue (pun not intended).

You guys forget...Romney got the nomination with zero help from the so called Social Conservatives.

Romney is his own man.

Unlike Barry Obama, who had to compromise with extreme leftists to push out Hillary.
He's already the nominee. These people are well past the point of caring about such things.


Obama has to constantly mollify ultraleftists because his coalition will fall apart if the cry babies on the Urbist-Infrastructure-Green cult don't get all their baubles and toys!

Romney is grift free...and appeals to the majority!
@9 +1

Republicans would vote for a pedophile rapist Satan before ever even considering Obama. Obama is actually worse in their view than a pedophile rapist Satan.
If he wants to get out of this mess, then it looks like Romney's gonna need...

*puts on sunglasses*

... his own plan B.

@10 Who are these "ultraleftists" you speak of?
@13 ultraleftists is code for Patriotic Americans, I think.
@10: Eugene Debs was the last "ultraleftist" of any import in Murka, and he was jailed for Sedition 95 years ago.

So, your contention is absurd. Name 1 thing Obama's done to "mollify" "ultraleftists".
Abortion money!!!! Romney loves murdered babies!!!!! God will punish you America!!!!! Sqawk!!!! Sqwak!!!!!
I always get confused about the rules with you guys.

Obama kicks off his first presidental campaign at the home of the terrorist Ayres who bombed buildings in this country, but we can't hold that against him.

Romney makes a fundraising stop at the home of a businessman whose business some dislike, but we should.

Logic really is a BITCH for you, isn't it?
@17 You must be new to politics. Logic (by which I think you mean "consistency," if context is any indication) is rarely demanded of either party. Any means to humiliate the opposition will suffice (see, for example, every election cycle, ever).
@17 - Speaking of logic, I don't follow yours:

First, you've got your facts wrong. It was his Illinois State Senate campaign that was announced at Ayres' house (in 1995), not his presidential campaign.

But more to the point, Obama didn't alienate his own party by his association with Ayres. Only the Hannity/Beck far-right of the GOP feigned outrage at that. Democrats dismissed it for what it was: a trumped up campaign issue that Republicans couldn't make stick, same as Jeremiah Wright.

But here Romney isn't alienating the far left of the Democratic party (who, by the way, pop Plan B like Tic-Tacs). He's alienating his OWN party. That seems quite different, don't you think?
@19 - SeaDouche doesn't care about facts or logic, only what he wants to believe.
Whatever. There isn't a whackjob lefty out there who won't vote for Obama as a best option, nor a conservative Republican who won't vote Romney over our incumbent president. Make up fake issues all you like, that won't change.

As for Ayres, he is a criminal and terrorist. He should be in prison. That a university pays him to corrupt kids with his far left hatred of this nation is a damn shame, though consistent with the far left brainwashing common to universities. Jeremiah Wright is a bit more complicated, but not much. That is, a Christian pastor can and does condemn moral wrongs in his nation without crossing any lines, to my mind. But Obamas church had all sorts of liberation theology black separatist garbage on their website right up until the newspapers noticed it. Then it magically disappeared and the press didn't pursue it.

And that's the thing. It wasn't that Ayres or Wright weren't issues. It was a liberal media that refused to criticise candidate or president Obama on any ground whatever.

So yeah, I don't care for Rommneys church. I don't care for his flip flopping. I don't think him sufficiently conservative. But if it's him or Obama? No question at all.
I rest my case.
If SB had facts on his side, he'd use them to criticize Obama. But we ARE talking about someone with the emotional development of a bratty five year old. Hell, his Roosevelt rants alone demonstrate that.
@1 I think the great margins of victory came from the 1980 and 84 elections, and LBJ's '64 triumph.
Yeah, I'm that guy.
cue compilation clip of months of "news" about Ayers, birthers, socialism, et cetera.