Psychic Circle starts tonight. Dave Segal writes:

A music festival called Psychic Circle must be cloaked in mystery and harbor occultish ambitions, right? Maybe if you go to Psychic Circle, you'll have your soul filleted and your brain washed to a charcoal tint. Maybe you'll dance yourself onto a higher plane of consciousness or zone/freak out to sonic atmospheres that would give Dario Argento nightmares.

Just check Psychic Circle's striking poster, which features an infant holding aloft a human skull. PC's catalysts—Actual Pain's TJ Cowgill and Second Sight DJ/promoters Ozma Otacava and Rxch Wxtch—seem to be fostering an aesthetic that's at once full of childlike wonder and morbid decadence.

Second Sight—a monthly party focusing on cold wave, minimal synth, industrial, goth, and witch house—draws a mostly youthful crowd, a mix of gays and straights, crossdressers and sartorial thrift-store geniuses, and glamorous types who should be in Vice magazine's "DO" column. They go to be seen and sexed and to dance to the fever-dreamy/drama-queeny blend of dark-hued styles mentioned above.

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