Remember how Bush put his name on those stimulus tax checks? Obama, it's your turn to let it be known:

Sebelius trumpets $1.3 billion in rebate checks coming soon to American mailboxes from insurance companies who haven’t spent enough on patient care.
15.8 million policyholders to get cash back or premium breaks thanks to Affordable Care Act.
And, yes, this is a big deal.

I'm beginning to see a pattern here. By appearance (and not by substance—this post is not about substance), Obama never has successes that are isolated in this or that part of his presidency. Instead, several come all at once: the fall in gas prices, gay marriage statement, checks from ObamaCare—one after the other. (I would almost include the fall of Sarkozy, which will deeply shake Germany's resolve against stimulating the European economy.) Then calm, buildup, and release.